Sunday, 17 May 2015

Reading is Attractive

I read a blog post recently that told me reading isn't sexy, and that the memes we see around the place telling us it is, are promoting sexism or classism. Maybe that's true, I won't be arguing.

Oh, you thought this post was going to be full of pictures of sexy dudes reading? Here's one so we get that out of the way:

But the thing is, I love seeing people reading. I find the visual of someone reading, if not sexy, then at least very attractive.

When you see someone who enjoys doing the things you enjoy, there's an immediate human connection. We're alike in some little way. And because there's that little thread of commonality, they become more approachable.

Have you ever watched someone's face as they read? It's like they're not really here. I can't help but wonder what is going on in their minds as they read. What world are they inhabiting? What amazing place has their imagination created?

And then there's the peace. In this noisy world, there's something really nice about being around people who are happy to sit in silence, deep in their own thoughts.

And don't even get me started on the cuteness factor of people who read aloud to children...

In case you were wondering, I've used images of famous people, because hopefully they won't get mad and ask me to remove their images from this post. Apologies to any photographers whose work I've stolen. I tried to find out who you were but without luck. 
And if you're a famous person in an image on this post and don't want to be featured, please send me an autographed photo letter and I'll remove the offending image.


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