Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A new release from Anna Brooks!

Guess what’s live from our very own Anna Brooks?


Sam Monroe is cynical and trusts no one. He lives his life just the way he likes it - no promises and no regrets. All he wants is a willing woman a couple times a week to give him a few moments where there are no painful memories.

Courtney Gallagher is a single mom doing her best at raising her young son. She longs to feel wanted again, to receive the touch of a loving man. Even though her heart is fragile, she has hope there’s someone out there for her and her son.

Courtney rents a place from Sam, and their relationship becomes complicated. Sam is willing to let her in his bed, but not his heart. Courtney feels a pull towards Sam, but learns that trust is definitely something to be earned.

Can she forgive his mistakes? Does he want to be forgiven?

Still in black pants and an ugly green polo shirt from work, she doesn’t realize how fucking sexy she is. Her hair falls on her shoulders, and I wonder if it’s as soft as it looks. “I need to leave.”
She says nothing but nods. Her chest heaving with each breath.
“Tell me to leave.”
When she doesn’t answer, I reach out to touch her flowing waves and step closer, losing my battle. “It’s soft. Are there other parts of you just as soft, Courtney?”
I have no control over my body as my hand glides down her shoulder, between her breasts, and down to her stomach. Staring at me with heated eyes, she nods, as my fingers play with the waistband of her pants.
“Is it really gonna be like this?”
“Like what?” I sit in my chair, back to him, and start twirling pasta.
His arms cage me in from behind and his stubble tickles my cheek. “You acting pissed at me. I told you. I fucking told you that I can't do more. I told you to make me leave, but you didn’t.” He runs his nose behind my ear, and I clench the arms of the chair, forcing myself to stay still. I don’t want him to see how affected I am. “But you didn’t. So we fucked, Courtney. And we could do it again. In fact, I jack off thinking about doing it again. You know where I live if you want a repeat.”

Congratulations, Anna!



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