Sunday, 11 January 2015

This afternoon I sat in my conservatory, minding my own business and mindlessly flicking through the endless rubbish on the Internet. Thoughts ran through my mind about what I should be writing/doing, and it dawned on me that it’s my turn to write the blog post this week! Oh, shit! What am I going to write about?

Then I had an idea…. Yesterday we were all talking on FB messenger. Well, Kelly was doing a drive by on the thread, because she’s on the most amazing holiday. Anna had an author take over event last night (because you know ‘Make Me Forget’ has released, right?) and Kelly participated in the event from a theme park ride!! Like, WTF? That’s badass. Anyway, I‘m going off on a tangent.

So, we started to discuss how we are so alike to the point where we are actually one quarter of each other. Stupid? Of course it is, that’s the whole point. But I thought it might give you an idea of who we are. Obviously we aren’t interbred though. And, we have some very different personality traits but….

We all have slightly twisted sense of humors (the girls are hilarious!) We can all be feisty when needed. We all have husbands we want to maim on a regular basis and who all sound so similar it’s pretty scary. Okay, so that’s not a personality trait, but it is true. However, we’re all socially awkward introverts who are little nuts. After all we are writers.

In the thread Marianne asked, ‘Who is the most out going?’

What? Hold on. Outgoing? In real life the real answer would be none of us. We are all to shy and reclusive. It has been said that if by chance we had been put together in a room, we all would have stayed in our respective corners and not spoken a word.

However, we live in a fictional world most of the time, and this poll is between us four, not the world.

It was a close call, but Anna was voted the most out going. A fact that she flatly denies, but when gauged amongst the other three of us, she actually is. She’s also the planner. She likes to know what’s going on and when. She doesn’t care if it changes, but the initial framework needs to be there. She’s also super sweet.

Marianne is the adventurer and the peacekeeper. She can make friends at the drop of a hat. She has brought quite a few authors from Twitter over into our online critique community. Yes, you heard me right, Twitter! How the fuck, do you make friends on there? And she likes an even keel, not that ours rocks, but just in general. So you’ll always find her trying to see the good in the bad and ironing out the creases.

Kelly is the take no shit girl with a heart of gold. If you ever want someone to have your back it would be Kelly. She’s quick to tell you not to let shit bother you and move on from anything negative in your life. She’s also an amazing listener. I’ve rambled at her on many an occasion and she never tells me to fuck off.  I always imagine Kelly to be walking around Lara Croft style, killing bitches and protecting her own to the death.

And, me? I’m the therapist. I give good advice apparently, but then never take my own words to heart. And I’m probably in need of more therapy than the other three girls, combined. Oh, and I’m the procrastinator. Everything, and I mean everything in my life is left until the last possible second. Just like this blog post.

So, that’s a little bit of a personal insight into the ‘All Over Ink’ girls. Normal girls, with a love of romance and hot sex scenes. A little wacky, but a lot loveable.


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