Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Happy 2015!

It's the first week of 2015 so what better post than one about New Years Resolutions?

 Except I'm not going to make any resolutions, because I know I'll break them almost immediately. Like my gym membership of 2012 and my war against chocolate in 2013. I never even bothered making a resolution in 2014 because I've never made one I've kept.

So this year, instead of telling myself I'm going to finish two more books and the screenplay I've been going on about, I have a list of things that are possible. And just to be on the safe side, I've also made a list of things I should try to stop doing.

Here are my attainable goals:
  1. Take my writing seriously. By this I mean, make sure me and everyone around me knows that my writing is work! I'm sure my family thinks when I'm on the computer I'm doing unimportant stuff like playing games or chatting with friends on facebook. So instead of slinking away, I'll announce, "I'm going to spend the next hour working." Emphasis on working. Take note, husband.
  2. Keep writing! I'm sure every writer knows how hard this is. When the right words don't come, when the doubts set in, when dreaded writers' block takes hold. I'm planning to treat my writing more like a job. Get up, go to work. I'm not going to resolve to write every day, because that can't happen. I'll allow myself a day off when things get tough. But there are going to be no long vacations from writing!
  3. Schedule time limits for social media. Authors are constantly bombarded with the importance of having a social media platform. I'm not saying that's not important. I love talking about books with other writers, readers and bloggers! But social media can suck away an awful lot of valuable writing time. And since writing is my driving dream, that has to come first. Nobody is going to be even slightly bothered if I don't turn up on facebook for a few days. The successful authors I know seem to make social media appearances two or three times a week and sometimes a lot less. They spend most of their time writing!
  4. Read more! I usually always have a book I'm reading. I take a few minutes in bed every night to read the next chapter or so. But I rarely have time anymore to get cosy, make a nice drink and just settle down and read. I'm also planning to read more widely. I've been reading a lot of romance lately, because romance is my real love. Somehow over the past year I've gotten into a rut. I remember the days when I loved to read all kinds of things: detective novels, sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers etc. I'm excited to think of all the amazing books I'm going to read this year!

And now for the stops and there's only one:
  1. Stop caring so much about the business of writing. Wait. What? Okay, let me explain. This past year I've been writing a lot. And worrying a lot. I've stressed about not writing, about writing crap, about social media, about publishing, about costs involved in publishing, about critiques, about queries, about submission guidelines, about deadlines. And a whole lot more I've even forgotten I worried about! This year, I want to calm down my business mind, try to shut out all that extra stuff. I want to go back to just immersing myself in and enjoying my fictional world and my fictional characters (I'm only saying they're fictional. They're completely real to me). 


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