Sunday, 14 September 2014

What is All Over Ink?

We have been asked a few times now so we thought it was right to address the question.

All over ink was formed by four aspiring authors. Marianne, Kelly, Anna and me. We are from all over the world (Australia, UK and the USA) and have never met in person, yet we talk almost daily. Which can be difficult when the time differences between us are huge, even the USA girls are in different time zones.

And when I say talk, I mean type. The written word can be misunderstood so easily, the tone can be misinterpreted, people can completely misunderstand what you are actually saying. Yet, between us we don’t get that often and even when we do we are comfortable enough with each other to say ‘hold up bitch, what are you trying to say?’

Weird? No, not really. Well at least not to us.

Months ago one of the girls came up with the idea of making a joint venture whereby we all have our own social media, but at the same time, we run a joint blog. She’d read about another group of successful authors doing the same thing, they recommended doing it. The idea was great.

We all agreed but did absolutely nothing about it. Then, one by one, each of us has at our own speed, set up our Facebook profiles, Twitter, Goodreads, the list goes on. In all honesty if you look at any of mine you’ll still find it very bare. I’m still finding my feet in this world of self-promotion, as are the other girls.

Marianne is our fabulous website tinkerer (Edit: She asked me to change what I have originally written, because she says she knows just enough about blog templates and html to mess things up badly), resident go to girl and the main reason this group exists in the first place. She set up the blog and added one by one each of our links as and when we completed that particular stage of set up.

Kelly sourced the incredible All Over Ink artwork. Anna researches image links and other useful information. And me? Well, this is the first thing I’ve done that could be considered any use whatsoever. Yet no one gets shitty with me, ever. I think this is mainly due to the fact that I’m awesome. I’m joking. It has to do with the fact that we have no schedule, no time limits and no one is boss. We agreed from the start we all have to agree or it doesn’t happen.

Why did we join together? All of our books are romance in some form or another, which is how we met however the genre is not the driving factor. The main force is in fact our friendship and our personalities, which are shall I say, unique? Maybe one of the girls will expand on that in another post.

As we all write romance and we are friends are our story lines and styles similar? Not even close. You’ll have to read them to discover what I mean.

So, the idea behind All Over Ink is to jointly promote each others novels when the time comes, which is getting ever closer. Kelly’s first novel, newly renamed as ‘I Have You’ is complete and in query. Anna has just taken ‘Make Me Forget’ through Beta reading and is due to go to editing the end of September, for release in November. She’ll be the first of us to publish. Both Marianne and myself have editor deadlines of December. We are all so near to the finish line.

Yet along with this, we wanted a blog that would be fun and light. Where we can promote other novels we like reading, songs we like listening to and generally ramble anything we feel like. But it will be a blend of all of us.

See, this post I will send to the girls before I press publish. Because if they don’t like the things I’ve written, it won’t go on. If you are reading it, then you’ll know we all agreed.

Any changes requested by the girls have been detailed, so you can see just how our group agreement works.

Happy reading.